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Mistletoe Kiss Necklace @Etsyshop

A good friend asked me to design for her a Christmas-themed necklace and I came up with a mistletoe (or is it holly ?) design that was too good to not share with more people. So there you go, the perfect... Read The Rest →

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Christmas 2015 Lucky Charm

Bring a bit of positivity for the New Year with the Greek tradition of the good luck charm with an original angel illustration holding a lucky star, printed on white acrylic and hand-painted accents with gold foil paint. The word “luck”... Read The Rest →

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Etsy Shop fully updated!

Sorry I’ve fallen a bit behind with my e-shop responsibilites, but wholesale has been keeping me busy! However, now is that time of year when everybody is doing their Christmas shopping, so it’s only fair you get the chance to give... Read The Rest →

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Την Παρασκευή 12/12/2014 βγαίνουμε live  στις 20:00 στον ιντερνετικό ραδιοφωνικό σταθμό Μusic Heaven, στην εκπομπή του John Deos, για να μιλήσουμε για μουσική και φυσικά για μόδα, με το setlist της εκπομπής να είναι αυστηρά μοδάτο και groovy! Και για να... Read The Rest →

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Stories2Wear @ The Maritime Museum of London

Very happy and proud to be featured in the largest Maritime Museum in the world! The National Maritime Museum of Greenwich in London is one of our new stockists for the Discoveries collection. Naturally, the nautical themes that inspired the collection... Read The Rest →