Stories2Wear is created, designed and run by Ioanna Galanomati.

Born in Athens, Greece, she left for the UK before she turned 18 to study Illustration. Ten years later, she has lived, worked and studied in UK, Italy, Portugal and Greece. she has worked as a designer and illustrator on various fashion and editorial projects. She illustrated her first children’s book at the age of 22 in Greece. Three more published books have followed since then, whilst still experimenting and studying new things. In 2009 ,during her Masters in Painting degree in the Rome University of Fine Arts, she discovered a new passion when she took up a course of Painting on Fabric.

The fusion of the two disciplines she loved the most, painting and fashion, gave her the idea to pursuit a new dream : illustrations to wear. Every illustration by its nature is a story, because it narrates the view of the artist. And thats how the name Stories2Wear was born. She set up her atelier in Lisbon, Portugal in summer 2010. But since there is no place like home, Ioanna went back to her roots, and now you can find her illustrating jewellery, clothes, books and anything that comes her way, in her studio in Athens, with her cat , Indie .

Check her children's book illustration blog at http://ioannagalanomati.blogspot.gr/